Ascension Carnival Mas Band

Ascension Carnival Masquerader (Mas) band presents Odyssey... “Discover Our World” for the Miami-Broward One Carnival 2012 season. Bringing together decades of experience of chipping down the road and wining to the sweet sounds of Soca and Calypso music all across the Caribbean and beyond, Ascension Carnival Mas band showcases an unmistakable style of playing mas which only needs to be defined by a simple phrase... “Carnival on a Higher Level”. Ascension strives to bring to each and every one of our masqueraders the excitement and unbridled joy that is synonymous with the true carnival experience; as we delight and amaze our spectators with the incomparable magnificence of the Odyssey presentation. The multitude of unique colors representative of the beauty and brilliance found in the vast diversity of cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities of our masqueraders and embraced in our portrayal of some of the world's most exotic dance forms. As mesmerizing as it is to watch both the subtle and distinctive graceful movement associated with each dance form, so will spectators be drawn to and captivated by our masqueraders as they are chipping, jumping, and wining down the road behind the truck listening to the sweet Soca music playing - but what else would you expect, it is in our hearts and heads since we were born and raised with that Island Mentality. An infectious display of energy and wonderment that speaks to, and is demonstrative of, the true essence of carnival found in all Caribbean and Latin America cultures. Ascension Carnival Mas band promises to be like none other in our commitment to providing the ultimate carnival experience to our masqueraders and our patrons. We invite you to embark on this Odyssey with us as Ascension takes the Miami-Broward One Carnival experience to a higher a level!! We invite you to come “Discover Our World”.

But what is Miami-Broward One Carnival and the "Carnival Experience"?

What is Carnival?

For this year's Carnival, the parade of the bands takes place on Sunday - October 7th, 2012. The 2012 parade will feature over 20 masquerade bands over a 6-mile route. Each band follows a music truck that usually displays banners from its respective sponsors. Each band has a theme “portrayal” which they bring to life on Carnival day. After the bands parade on the streets and enter the SunLife Stadium, the bands act out their portrayal on the main stage before the judges in an attempt to secure the title of "Band of the Year". Experts are flown in from across the globe to judge the bands in various categories. The bands wait in the wings for their opportunity to cross the main stage and to “let loose”, unleashing the story behind their portrayal.

The concert segment of the Carnival allows for the showcase of International Caribbean talent. Every year, Soca Lovers flock to the Carnival to experience the high energy, live performances of these entertainers. In 2012, the Miami Broward Carnival promises to deliver an exceptional line up of acts, which will include performances from Soca and Reggae superstars throughout the Caribbean in addition to well-known Hispanic and Haitian acts in an attempt to attract those who share similarities in culture and in the Carnival tradition.

Come experience Carnival on a Higher Level with the Ascension Mas Band this year at the Miami Broward One Carnival!