Miami Broward One Carnival 2012

What to expect on Carnival Day

On Carnival day, the fun starts bright and early: our masqueraders are expected to assemble at the designated rally point (to be announced) at 10:00 AM where the Carnival "warm-up" takes place. During the "warm-up" phase, it's breakfast, music and drinks as we get ready to go "on de road". Once the parade starts (usually around noon), our masqueraders get to enjoy an ultra premium all-inclusive experience.

Ascension's theme for this year is "Odyssey... Discover Our World", with costumes inspired by exotic dances found in the farthest reaches of the world. Ascension's 2012 showcases features 6 sections, with each section based on a different exotic dance form and displaying an array of colors represetative of tradition attire worn by the dancers as well as the culture from which it originates. Each masquerader chooses a costume and section that best fits her/his individuality, but rest assured you are not confined to that section: while "on de road". Before we "hit de stage", the sections can inter-mingle as freely as the movements of the dance forms themself. Once the band enters SunLife Stadium, the masqueraders get in their respective sections as they prepare to "let loose" on the stage. After each section crosses the stage, the party continues until we retreat in the "wings" for lunch/dinner.

Come experience Carnival on a Higher Level with the Ascension Mas Band this year at the Miami Broward One Carnival!